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Inground Hot Tub


IG Pools lets you configure a inground hot tub design. The infinite possibilities of shapes and sizes allow us to adapt to any types of landscaping.

By virtue of the small water volume contained in a inground hot tub, versus the powerful filtration equipment, to do the required pool maintenance is quick and easy!


  • Endless possibilities
  • Infinite possibilities of shapes and sizes
  • Warm's up quickly
  • Easy maintenance

To purchase an inground hot tub


The Source

The inground hot tub La Source of IG Pools is designed to be used all four seasons. Create a space in your environment, including an outdoor fireplace or a waterfall, where it will be good to energize your mind and body.

This privileged place will reunite the family, friends, or help create a peaceful and private place.

The Nature

The Nature hot tub can seat up to nine adults. Designed to be inground or semi-inground and can be used all year round.

The upper part of the water line and its flange of faux stone give it a natural effect.

The Seven Eleven

The Seven Eleven spa, with a dimension of 7′ x 11′, is provided with a vinyl staircase and a contour bench.

The Seven Eleven is an inground spa with equipment preponderant its size. Because of its size, the water heats extremely fast. The prodigious swirls of an inground spa massage your body gently. For a moment of optimal relaxation, the pumps are installed far from the hot tub, which reduces the noise.

The Pouring

The Spillover hot tub can be easily installed during the construction of your inground pool. It uses the same water filtration system as the pool.

A valve system will be installed to control the spa’s temperature and waterfall. The spa jets are powered by a powerful pump, allowing maximum enjoyment!

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