Our Mini models

The Riviere Heva mini inground pool

The Riviere Heva pool is an inground pool and an exercise spa.

With the addition of its pushing jet system, it allows you to swim against the current. It is perfect for swimming, aerobics and relaxation.

The Cadillac mini inground pool

The Cadillac pool has a design of modern and contemporary style. Its design is distinguished by its pure, straight lines, maximizing the swimmable area.

With this model, you can swim seven months a year! Well insulated and energy efficient, the pool is equipped with a rigid insulating cover and a three season shelter to cover its filtration system, allowing you to extend the season without undergoing the costs.

mini piscine creusée mini inground pool

The Eight inground pool

In a unique design with a contemporary courtyard style, The Eight is an inground pool designed for relaxing, with a size of 12′ x 20′ ; it has a moon slice bench at one end.

The Ten inground pool

Inspired by the design of one of our conventional models of inground pools, reduced to the small size of 10′ x 18′, the Ten is manufactured with an acrylic staircase and a vinyl bench.

Small and charming, this inground pool is isolated to be used as an outdoor spa. The Ten is to the image of an extravagant custom inground pool. Made primarily of reinforced concrete, inground spas and small inground pools are stable, durable and resistant to the Canadian climate.

mini piscine creusée mini inground pool

Mini inground pool


IG Pools lets you configure a mini inground pool design. The infinite possibilities of shapes and sizes allow us to adapt to any types of landscaping.

By virtue of the small water volume contained in a mini inground, versus the powerful filtration equipment, to do the required pool maintenance is quick and easy!




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