IG Pools advises you on a good filtration system

The pump and filter for an inground pool is one of the three essential factors for keeping your pool water clear, clean and free of bacteria. Very important element, IG Pools offers you quality accessories for an optimal result.

Inground pool plumbing is also very important for good circulation, IG Pools therefore maximized the movement of water in the swimming pool piping by perfecting the connection design.


piscines cr filtration ig pools
piscines cr filtration ig pools
piscines cr filtration ig pools
piscines cr filtration ig pools
piscines cr filtration ig pools


IG Pools allows you to swim longer

The pool heat pump is the most sold since it has a high economic return and is very quiet.

The heat pump uses the ambient air to generate heat and then transfer it to the pool water. This way, you will have a hot and stable water for the whole bathing season, whatever the weather will be.

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IG Pools and cleanliness, a priority

The pool chlorinator and chemical treatments are one of the three essential factors to keep your pool water clear, clean and free of bacteria.

There are many ways to release chlorine into the pool water. The inground pool salt system is a chlorinator. This system can be controlled in different ways. Analysis probes can be installed to keep the chlorine level at the ideal level. There are several options for people who want to automate their system.

piscines cr assainisseur ig pools



To maintain an inground pool, we need maintenance accessories such as a vacuum cleaner head, hose, brush, pickup and telescopic handle. IG Pools has chosen, from a wide variety, ideal inground pool equipment for easy cleaning.

Mastering the chemical balance of the pool water is vital. The pH should be between 7,2 and 7,8. Alkalinity prevents large variations in pH and must be adjusted between 80 and 125 ppm. Water analysis and maintenance protect the fabric against discoloration and equipment against corrosion.

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piscines cr lumière ig pools

IG Pools accessories

Today’s inground pool lighting is breathtaking as the perpetual movement of water creates ever-changing patterns.

The inground pool light is one of the most attractive options you can bring inside an inground pool.


Covers of IG Pools

The pool sunscreen retains warmth on cool nights. There are several qualities of solar cloth, but the most important thing is to keep the water balanced.

The inground pool winter fabric keeps your pool clean and safe during the off-season months. IG pools suggests this type of inground pool cover into the conventional winter black cloth.



Have fun with IG Pools

The inground pool slide is as pleasant to adults as it is to children. New slides are available since the severe regulations on springboards. Fun, pretty and safe, the inground pool slide is appreciated by everyone.

The slide is supplied with water from a duct system from the pool filtration system, this allows to slide quickly and smoothly. A valve controls the flow rate of the waterfall.


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