Vinyl inground pool


In addition to being the most sold by IG Pools, vinyl inground pool is extremely flexible. The possibilities are virtually endless, so you can make sure you will have the shape and size you really want.

Fiberglass inground pool


Do you want an inground pool that brings out the blue of the water and the beauty of nature in your landscaping? Opt for the fiberglass pool, it will adapt as much to all types of terrain that we find in Abitibi-Témiscamingue as it does to your magnificent decor.

Mini swimming pool


With IG Pools, you can decide to opt for a mini pool, if it suits your needs. Our team is there to help and advise you to select the best option available to you. Small and traditional, the mini pool will be perfect for smaller grounds and is easy to maintain!

Hot Tub


Do you dream of a spa and want to get out of the ordinary? Opt for an inground spa, alone or attached to your pool, and take advantage of the hot water to relax. What could be better than an easy-care spa with endless design possibilities to perfectly match your landscaping and your needs?

Self build


Fiberglass pools can be installed on all types of soil. By following the directions of IG Pools, you ensure a stable installation. You can also use the services assistance during your work.

Do you want to save?

Buy an inground pool in 2023 installed in 2024 and save big!

We have special prices on our popular mini inground pools and specials on our inground fiberglass pools!
Many factors determine the price of an inground pool, ask for a meeting!

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