Personalization of your pool


With IG Pools, you’re sure to make your dream come true. Our team of experts is very familiar with the feelings you will feel when this project comes to fruition and the many questions you will have in mind. It goes without saying that we will be there to answer them and to satisfy your ideas that will soon become reality.

We will take the time to meet you to see with you all the options available to you. We will explain the differences, benefits and advise you on the best options for your situation, your terrain, your specifications and your budget.



If you have opted for a vinyl pool, you should know that you have the choice between more than 40 models of different shapes and even that you can request a change on them in order to have a pool that matches your needs and to your terrain.

Click on the classic rectangular shape most installed in Abitibi-Témiscamingue to discover the other available shapes.


Liner patterns

The liner pattern and their grounds for inground pool provides a choice that will suit your layout. Manufactured from a revolutionary vinyl welding technology, IG Pools replacement liners are seamless. Each of IG Pools’s vinyl liners are made to measure. Very precise measurements are taken and an exact plan of the swimming pool is drawn before the manufacture.

Edging & Coping

The swimming pool crown is the finish of its perimeter. The border joins the structure of the pool to the sidewalk.
A standard pool surround is used for concrete sidewalk. It is available in PVC and aluminum in gray or white color. This border includes a rail used to hold the canvas. A concrete block cap is used to join the pool to the pavement. A rail is installed under the crown and can hold the canvas.

Stairs and ramps

Acrylic Collection

The inground acrylic pool stairs are factory made ISO 9001 certified. Flexible and resistant it is a good economical choice.

Adapted steps and wading at your pool

The custom stairs pool offers a variety of possibilities. Full width steps for a rectangular in-ground pool is the most popular choice of recent years. For a new style, the IG Pools design team offers you the opportunity to design a staircase and create a unique and personalized style. An inground pool bench can also be part of the design!

Ladders and ramps

A pool ladder dug in the deep end and a ramp for the stairs are a safe option.

Take an


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