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Buy an inground pool in 2019 installed in 2020 and save big!

We have special prices on our popular mini inground pools and specials on our inground fiberglass pools! Many factors determine the price of an inground pool, ask for a meeting!


  • Avoid price increases
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  • Enjoy the result of good planning

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The installation

The vinyl-lined inground pool is the most sold since it is the cheapest pool of all types of inground pools covering concrete bottom and steel or polymer walls. It is easily refurbished by replacing the liner after 10 to 20 years. The inground vinyl pool is installed in seven steps. The inground fiberglass pool is installed in a few hours.

Vinyl installation

How do we build a pool? In all, there are 7 steps to building an inground pool : excavation, wall installation, concrete bottom, backfill, backdrop, sidewalk and start up. How long does it take to build an inground vinyl pool? In general, one step per day for a manufacturer from IG Pools.

Fiberglass installation

The installation only takes a few hours. The fiberglass pool, more commonly known as a monocoque or fiber monocoque, is installed on any type of terrain. The installation of a dewatering well makes it possible to control the hydrostatic pressure of an underground water table.

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